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All Is Well!

Photo from We cry, because we used to it, As we expiriencing Life daily struggles. To cry sometimes not because we only feel pain but it's the way in which we accepting things as they are. We accept the reality of life and be ready for the storm as it comes to our way.... Continue Reading →

The Agony Within…

You hurting. Nothing else only pains. In the middle of the river, In floods flying away with you. Feeling powerless. No hope. No success. Only Agony. Anxiety and Depressed. OK! Let it take a tour but not to stay. If tears take in place, let them flow. A release of strong emotions, Vent it out.... Continue Reading →


Believing in God has the fundamental impact in life. It gives courage and strength during the times of great trouble. Trust the God's plan process you will be able to cope with sufferings and tragic events happening in our daily life basis. ~ Thobile Simelane

Young Girl!

Photo from It might be your goal, your purpose or interest just know it is very recognized and precious in the sight of the Lord. At your current age, even at your youth do not let any men or the world determine how you carry yourself and present yourself. Seek the light of your... Continue Reading →


Companies have meeting to review their short falls people have counselors to review their lives, Jesus is the supporting structure when all hope is lost. The heart knows the truth and just enjoy the life you living because 365 days that come in a year they need you to always revisit your shortfalls and start... Continue Reading →

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