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Colour not limited to what the rainbow, produces colour are what your life radiates as we levitate as the sun burns every droplet of rain after a heavy pounding of droplets and droplets of water that will give colour to a magical road of Glow called rainbow.

Rainbow nation radiates what we are different of like fingers in a hand we are all different, every colour is in your life differs in size shape but most of all colour is you personality.

Red meaning dominant, yellow happy, blue critical, green harmonious we all have a powerful connection that connects them to gather and we call it Love.

Love because God was the one that loved and promised that as long as you see colours in our lives that means there is still hope for you and for me we are a part of each other and we are the first this you see when light comes to us in the morning because we and the colour that makes sense of your life.

By Thobile Simelane


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