Today’s Menu, Tomorrow’ Menu

Today you happy, Tomorrow you sad.

Today you smiling, Tomorrow you crying.

Today you wounded, Tomorrow you healed.

Today you passed, Tomorrow you failed.

Today you wealthy, Tomorrow you broke.

Today your stomach is full, Tomorrow your stomach is empty.

Today you travel a fine road, Tomorrow you travel a gravel road.

Today you in Palace, Tomorrow you in wilderness.

Today you have a home, Tomorrow you are a street kid.

Today there is alkali grass and tree leaves, Tomorrow the is bent grass and tree leaves.

Today it’s hot, Tomorrow it’s cold.

Today is a sunny day, Tomorrow is a rainy day.

Today it’s autum, Tomorrow it’s a spring.

Today it’s a summer, Tomorrow it’s a winter.

Today you have it all, Tomorrow you have nothing at all.

The reason is you can not guarantee life I think you can predict it. Whether you have plans or not but life will do it for you by throwing with it surprises. The only thing we can do is to expect any thing and take those things life gave us as opportunity for personal maturity and new beginnings.

Because life has it changes, and change is INEVITABLE.

For Fandango’s one word challange inevitable.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Menu, Tomorrow’ Menu

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  1. Michelle honestly you touching my heart with your kind words I am really so grateful and humble and so happy to connected with you as well I did went through your blog yesterday listening your audios powerful poems and writtings you really strong and bold you inspiring me, thank you so much for recognizing my work❤️😊 and Im two months old in blogging thank you again to give me strength to carry on I will definitely continue tryng my best in my writtings… Thank you so much for reading🙏🌸🌷❤️

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