Racing bad thoughts, struggles, finding purpose about life….

Life is not fair I get that…
But how can it be fair or easy.

It might happen it was never meant to be, that is why called life.

Challanges comes and goes, that is why we have seasons.

Because there is nothing born to live forever in life.

If problem have a starting date then believe it or not they also have an expiry date.

Better to embrace the current moment of a problem…

Be true to yourself
Love yourself
Don’t allow someone to love you more than you love yourself.

Remember :

You don’t have to pray for prosperity but for strength to conquer.

You need to be patient and solid.

Every new day is a new beginning with it new strength and change.

There is power inside the mind let it escape you to a current situation.

Some challanges are hard to overcome.

You will fail but never be defeated.

Don’t give up.

Pick yourslf up and face Life.

You can do it.

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