The Agony Within…

You hurting. Nothing else only pains. In the middle of the river, In floods flying away with you. Feeling powerless. No hope. No success. Only Agony. Anxiety and Depressed. OK! Let it take a tour but not to stay. If tears take in place, let them flow. A release of strong emotions, Vent it out.... Continue Reading →

I am An African Queen

Photo from I am dark but lovely says the songs of songs 1 vs 5.I am the beautiful God's creation, I am Heavens precious Hands work. I am an African Queen I am black and beautiful....With my glorious natural Afro that is soft and curlyWith my brown skin like a pure sands and glowing... Continue Reading →


Racing bad thoughts, struggles, finding purpose about life.... Life is not fair I get that...But how can it be fair or easy. It might happen it was never meant to be, that is why called life. Challanges comes and goes, that is why we have seasons. Because there is nothing born to live forever in... Continue Reading →

Fire Storm

Woke up in a beautiful morning with a big smile as if there is something good happened that transcends human understanding.It was a good chill windy morning around 11h00 a.m preparing sandwiches for myself in the kitchen.Unexpectedly when I look outside through the window only the midst as like smoke of fire covering the house... Continue Reading →

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