The Sun Goes Down…

Photo from The sun goes down and up every morning every season is different the west is were the sun goes down.Spring is for the lover as soon  as it goes up the beautiful flowers start blossoming and the sun goes up, but we know it will go down. As the people anticipate going... Continue Reading →

Today’s Menu, Tomorrow’ Menu

Today you happy, Tomorrow you sad. Today you smiling, Tomorrow you crying. Today you wounded, Tomorrow you healed. Today you passed, Tomorrow you failed. Today you wealthy, Tomorrow you broke. Today your stomach is full, Tomorrow your stomach is empty. Today you travel a fine road, Tomorrow you travel a gravel road. Today you in... Continue Reading →

A strong beautiful woman

You are more powerful than you know, you are beautiful just as you are. - Melissa Etheridge All strong womens are beautiful, why? Because their beauty comes from within, if you're determined, confident and calm inside. Beautiful womans are very tough, ambitious, also they know what they want, they are decorated with strength and dignity... Continue Reading →


Photo from Pinterest Colour not limited to what the rainbow, produces colour are what your life radiates as we levitate as the sun burns every droplet of rain after a heavy pounding of droplets and droplets of water that will give colour to a magical road of Glow called rainbow. Rainbow nation radiates what we... Continue Reading →

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